How to book with us

We prefer in person consultations, they are FREE! and you can come by the shop anytime

Wednesday – Saturday 11am to 6pm

We require a $100 cash deposit upon booking. This goes towards you total cost of the tattoo. The deposit is non-refundable and may be rescheduled once with a two day notice prior to appointment date.

If you fail to give us notice two days prior you forfeit the deposit. All we ask is to keep us in the loop so we can fill the spot for people wanting to get in

?? What to bring in for a custom tattoo request ??

Please bring in 3-5 references for any custom piece, no more than that. you may also come with nothing but an Idea, we will work out the rest.

we also have many flash designs to choose from on our walls, so if you want to come and take a look around please feel free to do that without feeling pressured to get on the books. we enjoy everyones company.